School Dining | Full Service


family style | buffet dining | wholesome snacks

Our independent school dining programs vary from warm and welcoming family-style meals to elaborate buffet-style selections to a comprehensive hybrid of both.


Our family-style service means we cater to every need including resetting tables and the service line between lunch periods to ensure cleanliness and plentiful offerings. Menus include vegetarian and vegan options daily as well as soup, multiple entrees, sandwiches, and healthful sides. Our friendly staff is there to serve, answer questions, and provide alternative options when needed.


Self-service options include:

  • Make-your-own salads
  • Daily seasonal composed salads
  • Create-you-own sandwich or wrap
  • Yogurt, fruit, and granola bar
  • Grab-and-go prepared sandwiches, salads, and snacks
  • Flavored waters
  • Fresh hand fruit

All of our menus reflect seasonal offerings and highlight local vendors. Regardless of the type of service we provide, we always strive to incorporate the needs of the communities we serve, taking into account specific cultural preferences and individual school requirements. Plus, everything is made from scratch in our kitchens from sauces to condiments to stocks to breading our chicken tenders, so we always know what goes into our food.

In addition, when you hire us to partner with you on school dining, you can also be sure of the following:

  • finance and accounting efficiencies
  • menu enhancement and planning
  • safety and sanitation oversight
  • quality assurance
  • catering services
  • nutrition and sustainability educational programming and initiatives
  • allergen and special dietary concerns training
  • human resources services (from hiring to compliance)
  • temp help services
  • full staffing by CTY
  • complete program run and supervised by CTY
  • premium clean label ingredients and sustainable sourcing, no exceptions
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