School Dining | A la Carte


healthy offerings | seamless payments | a multitude of options

Our a la carte dining service includes student favorites with a focus on nutrient-dense, wholesome offerings for growing, active bodies. There is something for everyone with our large selection of made-from-scratch menu items. We pride ourselves on our housemade pizzas with fresh dough, simmered sauces, hearty soups, tasty condiments, and even the granola in our parfaits. And, things never get dull with specialty theme days and monotony breakers like “Breakfast For Lunch” or “Summer BBQ” during colder days.

Breakfast options include made-to-order sandwiches or platters to start the day off right. Lunch is filled with a plethora of items such as daily entrees, composed salads, special sandwiches of the day, healthy sides, grab-and-go prepared items including smaller protein-filled light bites for on the go, and of course vegetarian and vegan options always. Snack and beverage selections take ingredients into account so making better-for-you choices is always a cinch.


We know students are pressed for time and lunch is sometimes a luxury. With our online app students can pre-order and skip the wait. Students can log on and place lunch orders for the week ahead. Meals for students with allergies, special dietary needs, or alternatives for the daily offerings can be ordered through the app, as well.

Cashless dining helps to speed up line times even more so students get the most out of their free period leaving them refueled, recharged, and ready to take on the next part of their day. With our cashless system parents and students simply load funds onto their dining accounts. Students do not have to bring cash each day to make purchases in the dining room, but instead are able to pay using their student ID number or ID card. And, there is no limit as to how many times a student uses the card in a day. All that is needed is a sufficient balance for the purchases. Parents go to a designated website to sign up and create an account. From there, funds can be added and transactions can be reviewed. At the end of the year remaining balances will be rolled over to the next school year. Participating families may view their account balances online at any time and can automatically receive monthly balance statements via email. An auto-replenishment feature allows the account to be replenished automatically when funds reach a certain account balance so students are never left unable to purchase a meal.

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